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Updated Gallery Favs Layout

Wed Jan 11, 2017, 2:12 PM


January 11, 2017

As I'm sure you're all aware of by now, there have been some updates to the way gallery/fav look and operate. I'd hope that it's not too much of a shock to most of you, as this layout was announced all the way back in June of 2015 and launched to everyone for the main browse pages in May of 2016. We've been slowly adding this Torpedo grid everywhere deviations are displayed and this is just the next step in that process.

That being said. It can take some getting used to and some things have changed. I've noticed some questions circling and thought I'd take a stab at answering them.

Why can't I edit my gallery/favs anymore?

You most certainly can! With the new layout, editing has been moved to a Mode, similar to how you must enter Edit Mode on your profile page to alter your widgets. While on your gallery/fav tab (or folder) click the "Edit Page" button near to the top right of the page. This will initiate Edit Mode and you can adjust your gallery/favs the same way you used to. It's just a click away!

What about groups?

Well… groups get the same treatment. However, instead of and "Edit Page" button, when you enter a folder in a group you will click the "Edit Folder" ("Edit Collection" in favs) button then choose "Edit Deviations" from the fly-out menu that appears. This will enable edit mode for those folders and you can alter your group's content from there.

Why doesn't my group show any deviations in the gallery/fav tab?

:star: This issue is now resolved! Sadly this is a bug on our part. We are well aware of it and will have a solution in place shortly. For now, you can visit the individual folders to view group artwork. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Why does my entire gallery show when searching?

:star: This is now resolved! Unfortunately this is another hiccup. Search results in galleries/favs should only show items relevant to your query. Our DeviousTechnology team is aware and working on a solution.

Where has the page selector gone?

Infinite scrolling is where it's at. When you initially load a gallery/fav folder the first 24 deviations will appear by default. If you're a Core Member you can adjust this to show 60 or 120 deviations on load through your Browsing Settings on your Account Settings page. Once you start scrolling other items from your gallery/favs will automatically popular the feed so as to make for a smoother browsing experience, uninterrupted by page loads. Because of the way editing must function the pagination feature will remain for that mode only.

Why then, do I only see the first 24 deviations in my gallery/favs even if I scroll?

This appears to be an issue with browser extensions. Some extensions (like an ad blocker) can interfere with the way the site is designed to operate. You may wish to try disabling any extensions or features you have enabled to see if this clears up the issue. You can also try visiting in another browser where these features are not installed to check quickly if that is the case.

Can we get pagination back?

Aww, come on! You don't like a single wall of awesome artwork you can scroll through? If you really must you can adjust your Browsing Settings and ensuring "Paging" is set to "click through pages" instead of scroll through.

Why can't I rearrange my folders?

This is on us again… There are sadly a few bumps in the road that cropped up once the feature went live that weren't happening on the smaller test scale. We're aware and we're working on a solution!

Why are my deviations zoomed in?

I'm afraid this isn't a bug. Nor is it new to this release. Wider deviations have always been cropped so that they don't break the layout of the page. In previous iterations there were visual clues such as a shadow and line that made the image appear as though it were tucked into the page. These clues would break the flow of this new layout and so they just appear cropped. As mentioned, this isn't new to this release and should you have feedback regarding the way torpedo handles these deviations please leave it on the announcement article from back in in June of 2015  or  May of 2016

I think that covers the main issues I've been seeing… I'm sure you'll let me know if I've missed something. In the interim we have updated the FAQ's on the subject. If you come across any that we missed or need something clarified that wasn't mentioned above please let me know, or file a ticket through the help desk.

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leontinees Featured By Owner 26 minutes ago
Oh my... as much as I love dA, I must say that everytime they make a change I don't like one bit :no:
I've just got a ticket resolved, which told me the answer to my issue was "just a click away". How nice, since it's actually four clicks, and that's three more than before because it used to be a direct thing, but now I must enter edit mode :noes:

My second doubt wasn't resolved at all because it got confused with pagination. May anyone here be of help, please? A while ago, there was an option to see everything in a page centered or to the left. Centered looked neat so I always had that "active" in my gallery, groups, etc. However nowadays everything looks piled to the left side, and I can't find anymore how or where to change it...
FoxsDumbSeriesMaker Featured By Owner Edited 6 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Why doesn't my group show any deviations in the gallery/fav tab?"

Unfortunately, this is still not resolved. In this gallery I've made for my fanfiction, it's still missing some chapters, even though they are still in my main gallery. This is happening for other people's galleries with pictures, as well.

mbinz Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
'Infinite scrolling is where it's at.' who decided that? At least we can set it back to 'paging' format when viewing deviants pages; that enables you to select a particular page, it allows you to actually see how many pages you need to page through (particularly important if you don't want to scroll for hours without knowing where the end will be, as well as enabling you to go to the last page etc.)

Interestingly, when in edit mode, it is possible to see the layouts with the name and deviant underneath; When browsing other peoples favourites, I like to be able to scan through and see any common deviants in that favourites; now I have to hover over every one to see who they were done by... Doesn't help the way I browse.

It wouldn't be so bad if the info was left highlighted on the thumbs rather than only appearing when hovered over... `¬) It seems if on mobile, this is the case;- (as mentioned here )

'Deviation details, such as the title, artist, comment counts, and favourite counts, display when you hover over the thumbnail.'
'On mobile, the artist username, comment counts, and favourite counts are always displayed.'

You have added the ability in settings to select 'paging' or 'scrolling'; please add the option to view the thumbnails in 'old' or 'new' format please!? (normal browsing of the, say, wallpaper etc pages is fine to scroll if need be, but when browsing a particular deviants gallery or their favourites, I would like to see them as before with the titles and deviant IDs listed without having to hover over each in turn please... `¬)

This first time I saw this, the site stopped responding for me when scrolling down; not good.
quiltineb Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just a comment about infinite scrolling - it's not good. It makes it impossible, for example, to thank someone for adding your drawing to their favourites list, on the favourites list, if they have a lot of favourites. It also makes it very difficult to find something that is near the bottom, you used to be able to just search the early pages. I'm not crazy about  this change, sorry.
Ikue Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Luckily, infinite scrolling is only an option. If you prefer pages then by all means enable them through your account settings as outlined in the journal above. :)
quiltineb Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
It doesn't let me. It tells me this option is only available if you are core.
Ikue Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Pleas ebe sure you're adjusting the correct setting. A Core Membership is only needed for adjusting how many deviations you see per-page and how a deviation appears when you visit the deviation page. The paging options are open to all members.
quiltineb Featured By Owner 8 hours ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay thanks, you're right I was looking at the wrong setting.
doqboi Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
then dont thank people for faves.
it's annoying okay?
LateStarter63 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanking for faves seems to me to be simple good manners.  If the someone were to tell me in person that they liked my drawing, I consider that it would be bad manners to ignore them.  I would certainly thank them and this might sometimes lead to further exchanges.  I do not see that just because we are connected only by the Internet that it should be any different.
Xein000 Featured By Owner 1 day ago
.:Infinite scrolling:.

For when wanting to see a lot of things, whatever it may now be, even see all the pages of a comic.

I got to go to the 
Browsing Settings to edit it all the time to change from 'scroll' to 'page', and the other way around, to change it to what I want or need. Not to talk about that with scrolling I must open all in a 'New tab' or I got to scroll down again to where I was before I clicked on something (this is something I had to do before this update).

I do not have this Core to be able to see 60/120 Deviations at each page.
Can you make that none Core users can at least see 60 Deviations at each page, please?


...I got nothing, because I'm not sure what to say here. Well I guess I can say I'm happy to be able to see the Deviations that I have yet not +faved  because they don't have a green star in the upper right corner of them (yet) that covers a small part of the Deviation.

I'm still missing the title (and quick info) below each thing/submission because a good title can get me to click on it to take an closer look, read more, even if the art ain't good or interesting at all. Its a bit annoying not to see any titles at all below the Deviations you should know, not seeing the quick info they had there once, unless not hovering above them... every single Deviation.
I'm also a bit annoyed to see that I have +faved some things and I would like to know how to hide this because it covers the upper right corner of every single thing I have +faved. How do I do to hide this, must I un-fave to remove it from the Deviations?

I'm still trying to get used to this new ....way/update.... but I'm still not used but feel like I'm getting more annoyed somehow, mostly when it comes to looking for new art that may/might lead me to new people to watch. Hope you understand from my point of view.
UAkimov09 Featured By Owner Edited 1 day ago
Hello again ! I made interesting idea ! :)

I just thought about that if system will not show more any information like the name of artwork and the name of creator then people need just start to write by white or black color (depend from background of picture) so write their signature on their artworks , better at down not at center but some close to right side. Then on miniatures or thumbs we will still to see who created artworks :)
PlantFeathers Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist
Why didn't we get an official announcement for this change when it happened? I only came across this journal entry by sheer chance.

Can we please go back to having official announcements for changes arriving in our inboxes when they happen instead of leaving your userbase to needlessly search for some obscure journal entry regarding the changes? It would clear up a lot of the confusion a lot of your users face.
ChaosDemonXXXAngel Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Ya'll just as bad as FA staff and the site updates there.
RachBurns Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
See, dA? We had to search for this--we didn't get it in our messages like we should have. And yet you still swear dA is the latest in anything? On top of that, you snark about someone not liking the endless scroll. Let's forget that trying to load so much at a time is a recipe for crashing someone's internet. 
AuPlauSe Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Artist
this layout is more of a downgrade. It crashed my internet when I was scrolling down.
AStoKo Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I have the same problem
ley-line-walker Featured By Owner 2 days ago  New Deviant Professional Digital Artist
"Where has the page selector gone?
Infinite scrolling is where it's at."

This is just dumb. Infinite scrolling is only "where it's at" when done correctly. Deviantart's thumbnails are way too large for this.
230,47 KB (236.001 Byte) - this is/was already a fucking joke when there was a pagination but now loading a page takes you several megabytes (because you cannot just select a page anymore).
Sorry but you're doing it wrong deviantart.
If you think I will ever spend money for a site that is so unoptimized and broken in essential parts when it comes to mobile layout then you're on the wrong track. If you're not even able to save images compressed which saves bandwidth and server costs then I cannot help you...
Ikue Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
By all means enabled pagination again through your profile settings as outlined in the journal. :)
iCheddar Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This update was and continues to be really frustrating as there was absolutely no warning and no explanations on how to work it or even change it back to how it was. I am All for Endless scrolling when searching for Stock/new deviations/ect, but trying to force that into galleries/gallery folders/groups seems to me like a bad idea all around. Is there a way that they could possibly separate Gallery scrolling vs say front page scrolling? I personally really enjoyed the click through pages for individual galleries and the endless scrolling everywhere else. (Yes i have already gone through and changed my settings from Endless Scrolling back to click through pages so that it stops messing up my gallery/folders but like i said i would like to keep click through for my gallery only but still keep endless scrolling for art searching.)

Also: Adding the extra step into organizing folders is incredibly tedious. The system worked fine before so why change it to add in this extra and completely unnecessary step of going to Edit Page > Sort? Is there a way that you can/could opt out of that new feature or at least give us the option to have it back with the gallery sorting buttons in/on the top right of the thumbnails? 

I was very disappointed with the lack of communication from the Da admin team/developers/site patchers with this new update. It would have been helpful to have some sort of patch notes hub or an announcement (For beta testers) that this was coming and how to work it so that frustrations could have been avoided. This patch and its lack of communication, has left a bad taste in my mouth and i hope in the future there can/will be better explanations of new patches/updates/fixes.

(If there is a Patch notes hub/ forum or something where these topics are discussed (especially for beta testers) I would really love to know so that the next time around its not a complete and utter surprise.)
*Edit: I have since learned that this was not dropped for beta testers at all, so why bother having beta testers if not to beta test things before their release? I guess I'm just confused as to why the admins decided to do it this way this time around.

Either way, thank you for making this journal detailing all the things that have been since updated and/or changed.
Rigiroony Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I actually like these new changes.
Thank you Deviantart.
B-JacobDawson Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
My only complaint is that this could have been announced better. I only joined DA 6 months ago, so I didn't hear either of the two earlier announcements. So it came as quite a shock when my favorites and gallery was suddenly different. You can't expect everyone to remember something that was put into planning a year ago.
Stomatopoda Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist
faves page is broken. you can only see the first page if you use infinite scroll.
but honestly @ deviantart staff why do KEEP on fixing things that DON'T need fixing ?????
like can you just focus on something more important, like scammers and actually toxic people that makes this website bad ????
honestly these updates just make deviantart more and more unwelcoming :c
SideQuestPubs Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Someone wanna explain why we didn't get an update when this change actually happened? As opposed to the six months ago or whatever that the "planned" change was announced?
I mean, I submitted a bug report because I thought my ability to reorganize items in my galleries had broken. And looking through the comments here, it looks like a lot of people thought they had to take that route.

Not too thrilled with the look of the new thumbnails. I have a ton of lit deviations (fanfic writer) and the only time I see my author tag is when I'm not looking at my gallery.... unless I'm in edit mode. Kinda hard to tell if the author tag is there when I can't see it myself.
Plus the "no titles, etc on thumbnails" that other people are complaining about.
Windthin Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago  Professional General Artist
The lack of titles has become extremely frustrating.  A number of my galleries feature tall, thin entries where the titles are getting cut off since they're now confined to the size of the tab.  I can't find anything in them.  I can get used to changes in aesthetics, but this just plain doesn't function.  Less information is NOT better when I am trying to find and organize things, and I have thousands of deviations to look through!

Take a look at this gallery, one of many I have in this format, and you can see why I find this change utterly frustrating:…
LateStarter63 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A agree entirely.  Tutorials are often long and thin and the thumbnails are very narrow.  The thumbnail itself gives little or no information about content so the title is of paramount importance, but the very truncated version on these thumbnails also gives little information.  The new thumbnail display is just not fit for purpose.
mucai Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Do you call it "torpedo" because you're destroying something that worked and didn't need to be changed?
Azuroru Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I don't like the lack of titles and info missing (without hovering over it) when browsing a gallery, sorry. Form over function is irritating. Could you imagine if Youtube got rid of all of its video titles while searching for them for ~aesthetic~? Yikes.

Like someone else said, you might as well be looking at Google image search.

...Well, Google image search with comically oversized (yet still somehow cropped) thumbnails, but still. :shrug:
Krisantyne Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Soooo can we get a bulletin that sends this journal to all deviants' message centers, like it's often done with new features and events?

I was so confused about the ordering of deviations by dragging suddenly being hidden behind the "Edit Page" button that I reported it as a bug, and would never have found this journal without being sent here by the person who processed the ticket. Not looking forward to a flood of confused journals as the people I watch slowly discover the changes and can't figure them out either.
Xein000 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
I just came to think on something....

I'm looking at pages filled with art (with no quick info to read) that reminds me very much about Google.

Why? I see a wall of art, no titles below them.
Does this mean I'm no longer on DA? I'm not sure how to look at this.
Dario-L-Art Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Professional
What the hell is happening on DA? So many thing does not work anymore since these unwanted changes. All my sections are full of bugs and lots of my deviations are gone!

CURSE YOU!  :-( (Sad) 
mucai Featured By Owner 2 days ago
What is happening? The admins don't care what the users want and keep destroying the site.
Dario-L-Art Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Professional
Yeah, I guest that's it!
rotane Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago  Professional
Tell me though, why are some of the thumbs so extremely cropped/zoomed in? See here, for example:
Screenshot 2017-01-13 11.29.17 by rotane

I've highlighted the thumb in question, and added the full size picture to the right for comparison. The red outline shows the area the thumb covers.

I get it, sometimes the left and right edges need to be cropped, especially when it comes to wide deviations such as this, but why crop out the bottom part as well? This needs to be fixed, IMHO, since the thumb suffers severely because of the weird crop. (Again, this is not a criticism of the new torpedo thumb grid, but an actual bug report of how the preview image is positioned inside the hoding frame.)

Screenshot taken here:…
Picture: Evil Monastery

Edit: If it helps, my screen is 1680x1050, and i have Firefox maximized. When i shrink the browser window, i can get the thumb to show more, but then others have this weird cropping going on. So this isn't a solution either.

If you need to crop so much, at least center the picture behind it horizontally. But i really do hope you can fix it properly.

Edit #2: Seriously?
Screenshot 2017-01-13 12.41.25 by rotane

More here:…

Edit #3: Bear with me one more time because i think i've figured it out: When it comes to panorama thumbs, the "torpedo-engine" (for lack of a better word) puts the thumbnails inside the holding frame but then doesn't scale them down at all! In case there is no thumbnail (a rare case, but it happens; see edit 2) it simply places the full-size image into it – and again doesn't try to fit it into the frame.

(cc Astralseed, since you talked about this earlier as well.)
Astralseed Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Professional General Artist
It does it with thumbs that are tall as well... for example.. 
Blah05 by Astralseed   the first one highlighted... is actually  Fall From The Stars... by Astralseed    hahaha oh wow.. even here as a thumb it can't handle the full size and crops it 
Either way, I don't imagine we'll get this problem fixed, which is really upsetting since the way our art is displayed should be a top priority for an art site.  
Xein000 Featured By Owner Edited 3 days ago
Damn... DA need to fix this fast, how am I now gonna be able to look for new art?

Edit: I have not looked around much since this new update, but most of what I've seen seems to be seen.
I can only wonder why this happened those images, but I hope it get fixed, if not fixed already.

Or maybe we need to be able to add a thumb to what we have uploaded to be sure it's all seen.
Sparkleswords Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Pretty difficult for the art to "speak for itself" if you can't see it, isn't it? :( (Sad) 
IllyDragonfly Featured By Owner 3 days ago   General Artist
Now everything is more clear: I was a bit confused yesterday watching my own gallery. Sorry, I forgot about that update last year! :blush: By the way I don't mind, until I can rearrange my deviations in the gallery and I can pick the pagination instead of scrolling an eternity (no touchscreen here, so the scrolling would annoy me). I will wait some more days to get used to the change and then will write a more complete feedback, alright? :)
BunnysteeleStephanie Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm still confused about the update on DA. I don't like it.
mucai Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Few people do. Few people liked it when they did it to other pages and they still don't now that they done it to the rest of the site.

I didn't have much of a problem with it before, because the areas of the site it had been done to, I didn't use, and the things they had done to destroy the pages I did use could be fixed with a browser patch.
But now they've done it to everything, made the thumbnails even worse, the patches don't work any more, they've removed useful information about posts and make it almost impossible to access comments or the menu bar at the bottom of pages.

The admin have made this site hard and more time consuming to use, most of the users don't like it, many users have stopped using the site because of it, and they don't care.
BunnysteeleStephanie Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
They took a lot of my stuff off. All the stuff I posted is gone.
UnseenRealms Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
so we can't get rid of the zoom in then huh?
Sleepless-Raven67 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I find this kind of frustrating, when im trying to organize my artwork in specific folders but of boy,
now i have to get used to this up date oh well at least i can adapt to this change...
TakeWalker Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Well, thank you for making pagination reallowable. The scrolling is actually very nice, but if I'm going through someone's gallery and have a lot of deviations to look at, I don't want to be opening dozens of tabs while I scroll!

I just wish we could get the date view back, as PaintedDream says below. Having to open the newest deviation to see if an artist is likely still active is annoying!
harle2002 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks to this layout i can no longer go into my gallery or favs with out the page crashing...
xXPaintedDreamXx Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, how bout no? I miss being able to see the title, as well as the comments on a deviation without having to hover over the deviation and having it covered in the title. To me that's not artistic and if anything it makes me want to click less. Everything looks way too cluttered to me. Everything doesn't look spaced out and a lot of my deviations look wonky now because of that change. Wow, we're allowed to set it back to paging. Bravo, but that doesn't fix the fact that it overall doesn't look neat or organized anymore. At least to me.

No notice of this being publicly made (or being sent to our inbox like you used to) kind of aggravates me as well. I didn't find this journal on my own. Someone actually had to link me to it to be able to find it. I do not like how our galleries have been changed to match that of the browsing pages. Sure it evens everything out, but to me it does not go with everyone's individual gallery.

And oh look...still no option to toggle between which layout you like better. Some changes being forced on us makes sense, others, like most you do, make no sense. Again, when will you actually add an option to choose between the newer and older layouts of some things? And why did you change this in the first place? The gallery view and such was fine and wasn't broken at all. And also now we have to go through an extra step to rearrange and move around deviations in our gallery. That's very inconvenient.

I now dread looking at my gallery as the thumbs are spaced out weird, sized weird, and I can't even see all the titles without having to hover over each one. Bravo to you...
Phiilip Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist
The only thing that's twisting my knickers is that I can't arrange the order of my pictures anymore, it was a simple drag and drop
Ikue Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's still as simple as drag and drop. Please be sure to read through the points in the journal as they explain how to enter edit mode in order to rearrange your gallery/favs.
Phiilip Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  Hobbyist
That's great that thanks for pointing me in the right direction pal
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