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Hey dA, it's VECTOR WEEK! :w00t:

projecteducate is moving right along, and this week is the Artist Relation's Department Vector Week! There will be a week long mini-contest, lots of get togethers in :#Vectorgasm: (the official Vector Chat Room), collaborations and just some general awesomeness!

If we haven't already met, we should! Our names are Chris, and Clay! And when our powers combine we make up the Directors for the Vector Art Gallery. This means that you can come to us with your vector questions, your vector art Daily Deviation suggestions, general gallery suggestions or anything you think we may be able to help you with! We would be honored to help in anyway we can.

What Is Vector Art?

Vector Art is a technique, meaning art created in a vector-based program. Vector art is the use of primitives such as Points, Lines and Curves. The vector programs keeps track of the relationship between these primitives. This allows the images created, to be scaled and rescaled without loosing quality or becoming pixelated. This is in opposition to "raster (or bitmap) graphics" which is an image represented by a collection of pixels. These pixels if scaled above 100%, will degrade and loose quality.

Popular vector programs are: Illustrator, Freehand, Corel Draw, Flash, and the free InkScape. Almost everything created with these programs is considered a vector piece. I say "almost" because there are exceptions to every rule. If your vector piece combines raster and vector images then I'm sorry to tell you but it is no longer a vector piece (and subsequently does not belong in the vector gallery). Example: If you finish your vector piece and realize after exporting it to a more web friendly version, you think it is lacking something. So you take it into Photoshop and apply a simple texture to the surface of the piece just to give it a little something extra. This is no longer a vector piece, and should be posted to the "Digital art > Mixed media", gallery. Like wise if you take this raster texture image into illustrator and just apply a layer style (multiply, screen etc.) this is still not a vector piece. The common factor in these two equations is the raster texture. Since this texture cannot be scaled above 100% this makes the vector technically useless beyond that raster images original size. That being said don't think you are unable to add texturing to a vector piece. Most of these programs come equipped with detailed pattern swatches, textured brushes, and even the ability to "Live trace" which does as it's name implies, traces a raster image and turns it into a vector graphic.

Just to reiterate my point and to ensure there is no confusion here is a list of generally considered Raster Bases programs: Photoshop, Painter, MS Paint, and a great free alternative Gimp. Basically everything created with these programs is considered a Raster image. I say use a clause simply because a few of these programs are capable of creating images with points, lines, and curves just as a vector program would. Photoshop for instance can create vector based images, however these are typically considered "Vexels" because of the fact that Vexel artists typically incorporate brush strokes into their images (for hair, etc.). Speaking of brushes. Just because you have downloaded and installed a brush set for photoshop or any other of the aforementioned raster programs that have the word "vector" in the title, does not deem your image a vector piece. These brushes come in different sizes and no matter how high a resolution they may come in, they still cannot be scaled above their 100% mark without loosing quality.

To put it simply "Vector is not a "style" like Anime, but a "medium" like charcoal. Asking what vector-art looks like is like asking what an oil painting looks like. It could look like Rembrandt, Picasso, or a fifth grader's fingerpainting."

Here are some informational articles posted previously regarding Vector Art on deviantART:

- Vector Do's & Dont's Vol. 1
- Vector Do's & Dont's Vol. 2

Vector Week!

Vector Week will be about learning what all that fancy text actually means. We hope by the end you will come to appreciate the amount of work that actually goes into a vector piece. We especially hope you will come to learn that vector art is not a style, but in fact a medium used to express ones artistic abilities. We encourage you to ask questions and get to know others in our vector community here on dA. Below is a list of activities that will be taking place through the week, but if you have a personal question feel free to contact either Ikue or lemontea and we will be happy to help.

Vector Week Activities

A lot of our activities will be held in the Official Vector dAmn channel, :#Vectorgasm:! Here is the chat schedule for the week of July 21 - 25:

  • Monday July 21 - Intro Chat, 7pm - 9pm EST</b>
    This is a time to join in and hang out, familiarize yourselves with the Vector Gallery Directors and hopefully make new friends in the vector community! Bring your questions, suggestions, and most importantly, your vector artwork!

  • Tuesday July 22 - Mini Chat, 7pm - 9pm EST</b>
    We will also be hosting a mini contest around everyone's favorite vector tool. There are some special rules... so don't get started just yet ;)

  • Wednesday July 23 - Vector Critique, 7pm - 9pm EST</b>
    Got some vector work you need another opinion on? Bring it on over for tonight's vector critique. Make sure to come on time Some great minds will be there.

  • Thursday July 24 - Vector Tennis/Collab Chat, 7pm - 9pm EST</b>
    After you've met all the great vector artists from the day before why not join together to create some stunning vector work? The chat room will be open all day anyone can come by and pair off. Make sure to bring your short shorts and your racket cause we're kicking off our vector tennis event! Create quick and fun vector pieces from supplied documents, be quick about it though, the clock is ticking! If you don't feel like being stuck in time battle, feel free to pair off with friends and take your time. Be sure to send us a link to the finished product! We'll be happy to show off all your hard work!

  • Friday July 25 - Vector Week Farewell Trivia Challenge, 7pm - until... EST</b>
    Random trivia from this weeks events and vector knowlage, win prizes! We're trying to see if you learned anything ;) Don't worry, by now I'm sure it will be common knowledge!

Other Non-chat Activities:
• Learn your Vector ABC's
• Vector Sub Gallery Descriptions/Features (one a day for the entire week)
• Summer love - A vector contest (starts 21 ends 25)
• Community of Vector artists (daily news articles interviewing some popular vector artists on dA)
• Vector Art Favorites News Articles (multiple articles showcasing great vector art for the week)
• User contributions!

How you can join in!

In addition to joining in the festivities, you can show your Vector pride by doing any of the following:

- Sport our stamp! Vector Week July 21 - 25 by Ikue Weapon Of Choice by Ikue Vector Week July 21-25 static by Ikue
- Create Vector art, then come and show it off in :#Vectorgasm:!
- Browse the Vector Gallery and comment on some vector art!
- Make a journal (or news article) featuring some of your favorite vector art!
- Get creative and hold your own collaborations or competitions. We'll gladly help promote them!

If you do one (or both) of the last two, send us a note so we can include your journal/article and your name in our contributor's section!

So without further interruption (and with much apologies for the long winded article), Vector Week has now officially started!  :love:

-Fight The Raster

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Cool! :w00t: Awesome article! Maybe I'll wander into that #Vectorgasm room at some point or another to see a few vector artists in their native habitat...

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Wicked article... but you know, Photoshop is actually great for vectors ;p
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